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Our History

Lakenorth's origins can be traced back to A.G. Edwards, where their prevailing principle was to prioritize clients first, employees second, and the shareholders will benefit. This golden rule principle is an integral part of our daily operations as we continue forging our legacy as Lakenorth Investment Group.

With roots dating back to 1983, our practice and clients have seen many changes over the decades, but most recent historical milestones date back to 2011 when Vic and Derek Lunka teamed up to form Lunka Investment Group and moved the practice from Cleveland, OH to the Carolinas. In 2023 with a new office established in Six Mile, SC, the decision was made to change the name to Lakenorth Investment Group. This name change signaled our commitment to the Lake Keowee (and beyond) market, as well as paying homage to “the lake up north” and our heritage serving the Cleveland, OH market, where we still maintain a presence.

While it is easy to rest on prior laurels, we continue to position Lakenorth with an eye on the future of our industry. Our advisors and service professionals share a common theme of client focused attitude, competence, and industry experience.