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Our Services

We strive to offer comprehensive and customized advice, service, and portfolio architecture with your best interests at heart.

Investment Management

  • We believe the key to trust lies in the harmony between the advisor and the client. Our team's personal approach to investing often includes the same strategies used by our clients, thus providing a parallel perspective.

    • Due to our independence, we prioritize our clients' interests, rather than being beholden to a larger organization solely focused on their own profitability when managing client investments.
    • We partner with some of the best Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and world class institutional money managers.
  • Our structure gives us maximum flexibility to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.

    • Our team is well versed in advising on and managing retirement & IRA strategies in all phases of life.
    • Tax minimization is a top priority in our retirement consultancy for both individuals, executives, and business owners.
  • Our team conducts thorough initial and ongoing due diligence on the strategies with which we entrust client assets. We leverage many institutional investment analytics tools to aid in this process.

  • We are well versed in managing concentrated positions, stock-based compensation, and low-basis stock.

Advisory Services

  • Our ultimate client deliverable is a carefully curated portfolio, centered on achieving investment goals, mitigating risks, reducing tax burdens, and addressing liquidity requirements.

    “We provide dynamic solutions that will adapt and adjust to our clients needs and if it goes as planned, we will continue to manage the legacy we’re building for future generations.” – Derek Lunka, Principal 

  • By identifying financial objectives and implementing a well-thought-out plan, individuals can work towards building wealth, managing risks, and ensuring their needs are met.

    “We want our clients to embrace the idea that we are not just financial advisors, but advocates empowering them to fund their life’s journey.” – Matthew Smith, Senior Financial Advisor

  • We employ optimization tools which can help our clients unlock the full potential from Social Security benefits.

  • Although supplemental to our overall services, we excel in analyzing existing policies and executing essential insurance needs.

Alternative Investments

  • We have a long history of successful placements in private equity and venture capital, emphasizing strategies that are accessible and practical for both private clients and institutional investors.

  • To cater to our income-focused clients, we've assembled an array of institutional private credit strategies, which offer attractive income streams with less historical correlation to traditional fixed income.

  • We possess both an understanding of and access to some of the top hedge funds, providing additional diversification within alternative investments.

Estate and Legacy Planning

  • Our knowledge and experience allows us to assist heirs with the consolidation and simplification of complex estates at the time of the decedent’s passing.

  • We work with third-party corporate trustees to ensure our clients have access to premier client friendly trust administration services.

  • Our clients benefit from the account registration techniques we employ to reduce or eliminate the need for assets being susceptible to probate.

Tax and Legal Coordination

    • While we do not provide tax services, we do advise on the tax impact as it relates to investments & retirement accounts.
    • We work closely with existing CPA relationships for clients to minimize tax burdens and ensure proper filings.
    • We also have a network of CPAs that we can introduce to a client in need of tax advisory services.
    • While we do not provide legal services, we do advise on trusts as they relate to investment accounts and legacy planning.
    • We work closely with our clients’ existing attorney relationships.
    • We maintain a network of attorneys whom we can connect with clients requiring legal services.

Charitable Giving Management

    • Donor Advised Funds
      • Our platform maintains partnerships with several donor advised fund administrators, and we can assist you in choosing the most suitable administrator to meet your specific requirements.
    • Foundation Investment Management
      • We can create new investment policy statements for charitable foundations and trusts or adhere to existing ones to meet your specific needs.
    • Qualified Charitable Distributions
      • We can arrange for your preferred 501(c)(3) charity to receive distributions directly from your qualified accounts in lieu of receiving required minimum distributions.

Next Generation Coaching & Investing

  • Prepare the next generation for financial success with our next-generation financial coaching, helping build a strong financial acumen.

  • Flexibility is a cornerstone of our college planning approach, and we are committed to preparing for our clients’ needs that extend beyond college tuition.

Institutional Investors

  • Let our team collaborate with your institution to design and implement Investment Policy Statements, along with executing institutional investment solutions.

  • Our experience in employing institutional money managers ensures your financial assets are strategically and securely managed for long-term stability and growth.